Enterprises lack the same level of connectivity as the wider Internet, with the absence of an ‘Internet inside the enterprise’ causing significant issues. This lack of connectivity hampers efficiency and productivity, as employees struggle to share information and collaborate effectively. The issue is compounded by the fact that many companies are still relying on outdated technology and systems that are not designed for the digital age.

The solution, according to experts, is to implement a ‘corporate Internet’ that mirrors the connectivity of the wider web. This would allow employees to share knowledge and collaborate more effectively, boosting productivity and efficiency. Such a system would also enable companies to take full advantage of the benefits offered by digital transformation, including the ability to leverage big data and artificial intelligence.

However, implementing such a system is not without challenges. It requires a significant investment in infrastructure and technology, as well as a change in corporate culture. Companies must be prepared to embrace digital transformation and the changes it brings, including the need for greater transparency and collaboration. Despite these challenges, the benefits of a ‘corporate Internet’ are clear, making it an essential consideration for any forward-thinking enterprise.

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