“Creating a More Inclusive Future for AI” delves into the necessity of diversity in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). It stresses the importance of including a broad spectrum of people, backgrounds, and perspectives to avoid bias in AI systems. The lack of diversity in the AI industry can result in algorithms that perpetuate harmful stereotypes and discrimination.

To address this, the piece proposes five key strategies:

1. Increasing accessibility to AI education and resources for underrepresented groups.
2. Creating a culture of inclusivity within AI organisations.
3. Ensuring diverse representation in AI teams.
4. Continually auditing AI systems for bias and discrimination.
5. Establishing ethical guidelines for AI development and use.

These strategies, it argues, will lead to more equitable, unbiased AI systems. The piece also emphasises the role of organisations in driving this change, suggesting that they should take responsibility for the impact of their AI systems on society.

In conclusion, the piece advocates for a more inclusive AI industry, stating that diversity is not just a moral obligation, but a necessity for creating AI systems that benefit everyone.

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