Leadership expert Keith Ferrazzi emphasises the importance of co-elevation, a model of shared success, in scaling change in organisations. Co-elevation involves a commitment to the success of all team members, not just the individual. This approach boosts morale, increases productivity, and fosters a culture of mutual accountability.

Ferrazzi recommends three steps to implement co-elevation. Firstly, leaders should establish a ‘co-elevation contract’ with their team, outlining shared goals and responsibilities. Secondly, leaders need to facilitate robust communication channels, encouraging open dialogue and feedback. Lastly, leaders must support their team in overcoming obstacles, providing the necessary resources and guidance.

Ferrazzi also underscores the importance of ‘candour’, asserting that honest feedback is crucial for growth. He suggests that leaders should create a safe space for team members to express their thoughts and concerns without fear of retribution.

In addition, Ferrazzi advocates for the use of ‘radical adaptability’, a method of embracing change and uncertainty. This approach allows leaders to pivot quickly and effectively in response to challenges, ensuring the team remains focused and resilient in the face of adversity.

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