Open-source technology is set to cause an economic revolution, according to former CIA spy Robert David Steele. He believes that the 1% elite’s control over the economy will be undermined by the rise of open-source systems, which allow for free sharing of intellectual property, and the internet. The power of corporations to monopolise wealth and resources will be challenged by these developments. Steele suggests that open-source systems will create a more equitable distribution of wealth and power, and the internet will enable a more accurate representation of public opinion.

Steele also predicts that the current political and economic systems will collapse within a decade due to the rise of open-source technology. He argues that the traditional capitalist model, reliant on secrecy and control, is incompatible with the open, collaborative nature of open-source systems. This will lead to a new form of capitalism, based on shared resources and knowledge. Steele claims that the internet will become a tool for global governance, enabling the public to challenge the power of the elite.

In conclusion, Steele’s vision of the future suggests a radical shift in economic and political power, driven by the rise of open-source technology and the internet. His predictions, if accurate, could have profound implications for the global economy and society.

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