Edelman, the world’s largest PR agency, operates in a state of organised chaos. With no traditional hierarchical structure, it thrives on a culture of entrepreneurialism and innovation. The firm’s decentralised approach allows individual offices to tailor their strategies to local markets, resulting in diverse operations worldwide. Its unique business model, which encourages employees to act as owners, has been key to its success.

Despite being a global giant, Edelman retains a family business feel. Its founder, Daniel Edelman, created a company culture that emphasises respect, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. This ethos, combined with a focus on long-term relationships over short-term profit, has led to an impressive client retention rate.

Edelman’s future strategy includes a focus on ‘earned-centric, social by design’ communications, which emphasises the importance of creating content that consumers want to share. It also plans to expand its digital and advisory services, aiming to become a full-service communications firm. The challenge will be maintaining its unique culture while achieving these ambitious goals.

Despite some criticism, Edelman’s approach seems to be working. It has seen consistent growth, even during the economic downturn, and continues to attract top talent. Its unconventional business model and focus on innovation could be a blueprint for the future of the PR industry.

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