Enterprise social consultants are on the rise, helping companies navigate the complex landscape of social media and internal communication tools. These consultants often have backgrounds in IT or HR, and they use their skills to help companies implement and manage social tools like Yammer, Chatter, and Jive. These platforms can improve communication and collaboration within a company, but they also require careful management to avoid pitfalls such as information overload and privacy concerns.

Companies are increasingly recognising the importance of these tools, but many lack the expertise to use them effectively. This is where enterprise social consultants come in. They can provide training and support, and they can help companies develop policies to govern the use of these tools. They can also help to measure the impact of these tools on business outcomes, using metrics like employee engagement and productivity.

The rise of the enterprise social consultant reflects a broader shift in the business world. As companies become more digital and more global, effective communication and collaboration are more important than ever. Enterprise social consultants can help companies navigate this new landscape, providing valuable expertise and guidance.

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