Hiring decisions can be significantly improved by focusing on a few key numbers. The first is the candidate’s ‘batting average’ – the proportion of their career spent in successful roles or companies, rather than the number of years of experience. This can reveal a candidate’s ability to thrive in a successful environment and their tendency to make good career decisions.

Secondly, the ‘boomerang rate’ – the proportion of ex-employees who would consider returning – can offer valuable insights into a company’s culture and employee satisfaction. A low boomerang rate may indicate internal issues that need addressing.

Thirdly, the ‘offer acceptance rate’ can highlight the effectiveness of a company’s recruitment process. A low rate could suggest that the company is not selling itself effectively to potential hires.

Finally, the ‘regrettable attrition rate’ – the proportion of high-performing employees who leave within a year – can indicate whether a company is effectively retaining its top talent. High rates of regrettable attrition may suggest that the company is not sufficiently challenging or rewarding its best performers.

These numbers can provide a more nuanced view of a candidate’s potential and a company’s hiring process, helping to make more informed, effective hiring decisions.

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