Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has a rule for meetings: if two pizzas cannot feed the entire group, the meeting is too big. This ‘Two Pizza Rule’ aims to keep meetings small and productive. Large groups tend to be less effective, with individuals less likely to contribute due to social loafing. Small groups, on the other hand, foster more interaction and participation.

The rule does not necessarily limit the number of people in a meeting, but rather the size of the group. It is more about creating a space where everyone has a chance to participate. The key is to ensure that everyone in the room has a role to play and can contribute effectively.

Applying the ‘Two Pizza Rule’ can lead to better decision-making, greater innovation, and improved team dynamics. It encourages leaders to consider the size and composition of their teams carefully. It also highlights the importance of ensuring everyone’s voices are heard, leading to a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

While the ‘Two Pizza Rule’ may not suit every organisation or every situation, it offers a useful guideline for fostering productive meetings and effective teamwork. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, less can indeed be more.

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