iOS battery drain can be a frustrating issue, yet it’s often due to misunderstandings about how the system works. For instance, quitting apps doesn’t save battery life; iOS freezes apps in the background, so reopening them uses more power. Additionally, the battery percentage indicator is not always a reliable measure of battery life, as it’s based on an algorithm that can be influenced by numerous factors.

To solve battery drain, start by resetting settings. This won’t erase any data, but it will reset Wi-Fi networks and passwords, along with other settings. If this doesn’t work, try restoring the iPhone as a new device, which will erase all data. Before doing this, back up everything.

When it comes to apps, Facebook is a notorious battery drainer. Turning off background app refresh and location services for Facebook can help. Furthermore, push email can drain the battery quickly, so consider fetching new data manually or increasing the fetch interval.

Lastly, the Genius Bar can run diagnostics on the iPhone’s battery health. If the battery is bad, they can replace it. However, if it’s good, the issue is likely with the software. In this case, restoring as a new device is probably the best solution.

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