League of Legends, a popular online game, has implemented an artificial intelligence (AI) system to tackle player harassment. The system, known as the ‘Tribunal’, uses machine learning to analyse player behaviour and issue penalties for abusive language or actions. In a significant move, the AI also provides real-time feedback to players about their conduct, helping them to understand the impact of their behaviour on others.

The AI’s machine learning capability allows it to adapt and evolve its understanding of player behaviour, improving its effectiveness over time. It has already demonstrated success, with a 40% reduction in negative behaviour among players who received feedback.

Furthermore, the system offers a unique approach to tackling online harassment by encouraging players to self-regulate their behaviour, rather than simply punishing them. This method is seen as a potential model for other online platforms to adopt in order to create safer, more respectful online communities.

Despite these positive results, the system has faced criticism for its perceived lack of transparency and for potentially stifling free speech. Nevertheless, the creators of League of Legends remain committed to refining the system and reducing toxic behaviour in their game.

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