Scaling user growth is a challenge that can be tackled in a few ways. One method is to focus on the viral loop, where existing users invite new ones. This can be achieved through word-of-mouth, inherent product invitations (like sending a Snapchat or sharing a Dropbox folder), or collaborative products that require multiple users to function.

Another approach is the paid acquisition strategy, where users are essentially bought through advertising. This can be risky as it requires a profitable business model to offset the acquisition cost. However, successful examples include Uber and Airbnb.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is another method, where content is created to rank highly in search engine results, attracting organic users. This is often used by media companies and e-commerce sites.

Content marketing is a similar strategy, where users are attracted through interesting content. This could be blog posts, podcasts, or videos. This method relies on the content being shared widely to attract new users.

Lastly, sales and business development strategies can also scale user growth. This involves partnerships, integrations, or direct sales to bring in new users. Salesforce and Workday have successfully used this method.

These strategies are not mutually exclusive and can be combined for maximum effect.

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