Moleskine, renowned for its high-quality notebooks, has launched a new product, the Livescribe Notebook. This comes as a result of a collaboration with Livescribe, a company specialising in smartpens. The Livescribe Notebook is not just a traditional notebook; it is designed to work with Livescribe’s smartpens and a mobile app to digitise your notes and drawings.

The Livescribe smartpen uses infrared to track what you write or draw on the page, then sends this information to your mobile device via Bluetooth. The Livescribe Notebook, with its special dotted paper, helps the smartpen to understand where it is on the page. This innovative technology allows you to record audio while taking notes, and even replay your notes by tapping on them with the smartpen.

The Livescribe Notebook is available in two sizes, and its design is similar to a traditional Moleskine, with an elastic closure and a ribbon bookmark. It also includes stickers with smartpen commands, such as ‘record’ and ‘pause’. This new product is a blend of traditional note-taking and modern technology, offering the tactile experience of writing on paper, while providing the convenience of digitised notes.

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