Scientist Dr. Young S. Kim is convinced that diet can prevent and even cure cancer. She leads a team at the National Cancer Institute in the US, studying the effects of food on cancer cells. Her research has found that certain nutrients in food can help the body fight cancer. These nutrients, dubbed ‘cancer-starving’ compounds, include apigenin found in parsley, resveratrol in red grapes, luteolin in peppers, and genistein in soya beans, among others.

Kim’s research suggests that these compounds can stop cancer cells from creating new blood vessels, a process known as angiogenesis, which is essential for tumour growth. The compounds also help the immune system to recognise and destroy cancer cells. Kim’s team found that a diet rich in these compounds can prevent the recurrence of cancer in patients who have been treated successfully.

Kim believes that the food industry could play a crucial role in the fight against cancer by creating products rich in cancer-starving compounds. However, she warns against taking these compounds in supplement form, as they may not have the same effects as when consumed in food. Kim’s research provides hope for a future where cancer can be controlled, and even cured, through diet.

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