Holly Liu, co-founder of Kabam, a billion-dollar mobile game company, shares her strategies for mobile app success. Liu emphasises the importance of understanding the target audience and their needs, and tailoring the product to meet these needs. She also highlights the significance of focusing on the ‘core loop’, the central action users perform in the app, and making it as engaging as possible.

Testing and iterating the product is another key strategy Liu mentions. She advises developers to release their product as early as possible and gather feedback to make improvements. Liu also stresses the importance of having a clearly defined value proposition to differentiate the app from competitors.

Liu’s final advice is to invest in marketing and user acquisition. She believes that even the best product will fail without effective marketing. Liu suggests using analytics to understand user behaviour and optimise marketing efforts. She also encourages developers to consider partnerships and collaborations for user acquisition.

In sum, Liu’s strategies for mobile app success include understanding the target audience, focusing on the core loop, testing and iterating, having a clear value proposition, and investing in marketing and user acquisition.

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