Social learning platforms are gaining recognition as a way to improve enterprise learning. These platforms can incorporate features such as live video, social networking and gamification to make learning more engaging for employees. The traditional learning management system (LMS) can often feel like a chore, while social learning platforms can make learning feel more like a social activity.

Despite the benefits, there are barriers to the adoption of social learning platforms. One of the main challenges is convincing decision-makers of the benefits of these platforms, as they can often be seen as a distraction rather than a tool for learning. It can also be difficult to measure the effectiveness of social learning platforms, as traditional metrics such as completion rates and test scores might not apply.

A shift in mindset is needed to fully embrace social learning platforms. Rather than seeing them as a distraction, they should be seen as a tool to enhance learning and collaboration. This can help to overcome resistance to their adoption and ensure they are used effectively.

In conclusion, while social learning platforms have the potential to revolutionise enterprise learning, their adoption is not without challenges. Overcoming these challenges will require a shift in mindset and a willingness to embrace new ways of learning.

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