The evolving digital landscape is prompting companies to appoint Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), a new role that is as transformative as it is challenging. CDOs are responsible for driving digital innovation and change across organisations, leveraging technology to improve customer experience and business operations. They are often tasked with managing the digital budget, establishing digital strategies, and implementing digital technologies.

However, the role of a CDO is not without its challenges. They often face resistance from other executives who may feel threatened by the new position. Additionally, CDOs must navigate the complexities of digital transformation, including integrating digital capabilities into existing structures and processes, and managing the change this brings about.

Despite these challenges, the CDO role is increasingly important in today’s digital age. Companies that successfully integrate a CDO into their leadership team can expect to see significant benefits, including improved customer engagement, increased operational efficiency, and enhanced competitive advantage. The CDO role is thus a critical component of any modern business strategy.

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