AuditFutures is pioneering a collaborative approach to work, aiming to transform the audit and accounting profession. They believe that the future of work is not just about technology and automation, but also about human values and relationships. They are working on three main areas: developing a new model for work, creating a digital platform, and exploring new ways of learning.

The new model for work focuses on collaboration, trust, and empathy. It aims to redefine the relationship between people and their work, moving away from a transactional model to a more human-centred approach. This involves recognising the importance of emotional intelligence and soft skills, as well as the need for a supportive work environment.

The digital platform is designed to support this new model of work. It will provide a space for collaboration and learning, as well as tools to help manage work in a more efficient and effective way. The platform is being developed with input from a wide range of stakeholders, including accountants, auditors, and technologists.

Finally, AuditFutures is exploring new ways of learning, recognising that traditional methods may not be sufficient in the changing world of work. They are looking at how to incorporate experiential learning, peer learning, and learning from failure into their approach.

These initiatives are part of AuditFutures’ broader mission to reimagine the audit and accounting profession for the 21st century. They believe that by focusing on human values and relationships, they can create a more sustainable and effective profession.

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