Tony Blair, former Prime Minister, has criticised Labour’s new direction under Jeremy Corbyn, likening it to the Trotskyist politics of the 1980s. Blair argues that Corbyn’s politics are outdated and will not resonate with the British public, despite Corbyn’s landslide victory in the Labour leadership contest.

Blair’s comments reflect a broader debate within Labour about the party’s future direction. Some members believe the party should return to its socialist roots, while others argue for a more centrist approach.

Corbyn’s leadership has been divisive, with some members leaving the party and others rallying behind him. Despite this, his popularity among Labour members remains high.

Blair’s criticisms have been met with mixed reactions. Some agree with his assessment, while others believe he is out of touch with the party’s grassroots.

Blair’s comments come at a time when Labour is grappling with its identity and direction. The party’s future will likely be shaped by this ongoing debate.

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