Turkey’s internet sector is booming, with a rising number of tech startups and internet companies. The nation’s young population, high internet usage rates, and burgeoning e-commerce market are driving this growth. Turkey ranks fifth in Europe for internet user numbers, with 35 million users, and has a high social media penetration rate.

E-commerce is a particularly vibrant sector, with a market value of $12 billion. Online travel and private shopping are the most popular categories, with the latter growing by 50% annually. The Turkish online advertising market is also growing, reaching $1 billion in 2013.

Despite this, only 15% of Turkish businesses have an online presence, indicating significant untapped potential. There are challenges to overcome, including the need for better payment systems and a more robust legal framework for online business.

Turkish tech startups are attracting significant investment, with $62 million invested in 2013. Notable successes include Yemeksepeti, an online food ordering service, and Markafoni, a private shopping site. Both companies have been acquired by international firms, demonstrating the global interest in Turkey’s tech sector.

In summary, Turkey’s internet sector is growing rapidly, driven by a young, tech-savvy population and a thriving e-commerce market. However, there are challenges to address, including the need for better infrastructure and a stronger legal framework. Despite these hurdles, the future looks bright for Turkish internet companies and tech startups.

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