Twitter’s leadership is in need of rejuvenation, with a fresh perspective required to unlock its potential. Despite having a user base of 302 million people, the social media platform is underperforming in the market due to a lack of clear vision and direction. The issue lies in the leadership’s inability to capitalise on Twitter’s unique selling point: its public, real-time nature. This differentiates it from Facebook, a more private and curated platform.

Twitter’s leadership must recognise and exploit this difference. They must also address the platform’s complexity, which is a barrier to new users. A new leader with a clear vision could simplify the user experience and make the platform more accessible, thereby increasing its user base and profitability.

Moreover, Twitter’s leadership needs to shift its focus from pleasing Wall Street to satisfying its users. The company’s obsession with meeting market expectations has led to a lack of innovation, hampering its growth. A new leader who prioritises user satisfaction over market expectations could reinvigorate the platform, making it a more formidable competitor in the social media market.

Lastly, Twitter’s leadership must address the issue of harassment on the platform. This has been a significant problem, causing many users to abandon Twitter. A new leader who prioritises user safety could improve the platform’s reputation and retain its user base. Overall, new leadership could transform Twitter into a more user-friendly, innovative, and safe social media platform.

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