Unilever’s leadership team, including CEO Alan Jope, has taken a unique approach to engage employees. They have created a series of ‘Fireside Chats’ where they discuss strategy and answer questions in real-time. This initiative, which began in 2020, aims to bring transparency and inclusivity to the workplace by offering a platform for open dialogue between employees and leaders.

The chats are hosted on Unilever’s internal social network, ‘Workplace from Facebook’. They are live-streamed and available for later viewing, ensuring accessibility for all employees across different time zones. The chats have received a positive response, with over 100,000 views and 10,000 comments during the first three sessions.

The format of these chats is a 30-minute live video, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. The topics covered are diverse, ranging from the company’s strategy and performance to sustainability and diversity initiatives. The company’s senior leaders, including the CEO, personally answer the questions, fostering a sense of connection and trust among employees.

This initiative is part of Unilever’s broader strategy to enhance employee engagement and create an open, inclusive culture. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparent communication and its willingness to listen to its employees’ voices, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and motivation among its workforce.

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