The Vietnam UK Network is a self-funded, voluntary organisation that aims to foster relationships between Vietnam and the UK. It seeks to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation in various areas, including business, education, culture, and policy. The Network comprises individuals and organisations from both countries, including businesses, universities, and non-governmental organisations.

The Network’s activities include organising events, seminars, and workshops, promoting bilateral trade and investment, and supporting education and cultural exchange. It also provides a platform for individuals and organisations to share their experiences and knowledge about Vietnam and the UK.

The Vietnam UK Network is governed by a Board of Trustees, with an Advisory Board offering strategic guidance. It is supported by a Secretariat responsible for the day-to-day activities. The Network operates under the patronage of the UK Ambassador to Vietnam and the Vietnamese Ambassador to the UK.

The Network’s main goal is to promote a positive and productive relationship between Vietnam and the UK, contributing to the prosperity and wellbeing of both nations. It is committed to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of each country’s culture, history, and people. It also encourages active participation from its members and welcomes new members who share its objectives.

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