Objective Development offers four main products, each designed to enhance the user’s digital experience. Little Snitch is a firewall that monitors outgoing data traffic, alerting users to any suspicious activity. It provides detailed reports and interactive maps of server locations, giving users full control over their data.

LaunchBar is a productivity tool that enables users to access and control their applications, documents, contacts, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes. It learns from users’ habits, making their workflow more efficient.

Micro Snitch is an application that keeps track of a computer’s microphone and camera activity. It notifies users when these devices are activated, ensuring privacy and security.

Lastly, Sharity is a software that allows users to connect to Windows file servers. It provides seamless integration into the Mac OS X Finder, making file sharing and collaboration easier. It supports all current versions of the SMB protocol, ensuring compatibility with all Windows versions.

In essence, Objective Development’s products are designed to enhance security, productivity, and connectivity for Mac users.

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