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We maintain an extensive knowledgebase of new ways of working, management techniques and team practices that our clients can use as part of their own learning and transformation programmes.

Most of these new connected ways of working are simple to introduce, but we also work more intensively with innovative teams to help support and structure their work more effectively using techniques like Getting Things Done (GTD), Working out Loud (WOL), Go to Gemba, Team of Teams, Minimum Viable Strategy and more.


Leaders set the weather in organisations, and their behaviour also influences how others act. Adaptive organisations need more, not less, leadership – but leadership that goes beyond simple bureaucratic management to inspire, support and direct the work of colleagues.

We run executive learning sessions to help leaders adopt network-centric leadership methods, and we work alongside existing development programs to deliver the enablement activities required by leaders to sustain new digital behaviours in the workplace.


It is important to communicate what digital transformation means to people working in the organisation, and how new ways of working can improve their day-to-day experience.

In our transformation programmes, we provide an online hub that helps explain all aspects of an agile, adaptive organisation and what it means to work in a more connected way, plus we can offer a range of online and group learning tools and content to reinforce this message, as well as inspiring keynotes and fun workshops for internal events.


From Analogue Management to Digital Leadership

Eight years ago this week, I started my first real job, for a global financial institution. It was in the wake of the financial crisis, so banks weren't exactly "employer goals", but to be honest, I was just grateful to be getting a regular income. And my role? My job...

Enabling the Future of Work Requires a Team Focus

Working in teams and teamwork are the backbone of any modern organisation. They are where the work gets done. As organisations move away from hierarchy and towards more team-centric structures (such as podular from the work of Dave Gray or team of teams from the work...

Working Out Loud for Teams and Leaders

Last week, we joined in a co-creation effort with an amazing bunch of colleagues at Bosch and John Stepper, author of Working Out Loud, to adapt the basic idea of WOL (Working Out Loud) circles to the challenge of team development and leadership communication,...

Hard-coding the ‘why’ into how

Expect more, demand more Earlier this year, Deloitte released their fifth annual Millennial Survey which - besides confirming what many are experiencing around the significant reduction in average tenure, and feelings of loyalty that this generation have...

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