Genevieve Bell, an anthropologist at Intel, forecasts the future of technology by studying human behaviour. She believes the next big thing in tech will be a shift towards creating devices that understand our needs without us having to command them. Bell envisions a world where technology is so integrated into our lives that it becomes invisible, responding to our needs intuitively and subtly.

She also predicts that data will be a significant part of this future, with smart devices collecting information about our habits, preferences, and needs. This could result in a more personalised, seamless tech experience. However, she warns of the ethical implications, as the collection and use of such data could infringe on privacy rights.

Bell also highlights the importance of considering cultural differences when designing technology. She notes that tech companies often overlook non-Western societies, which could lead to missed opportunities. She calls for a more inclusive approach to tech design, arguing that understanding different cultures can lead to more innovative and effective solutions.

Finally, Bell suggests that the tech industry needs to consider the emotional aspect of technology. She believes that devices should not only serve a practical purpose but also elicit an emotional response from users, creating a more human-centred tech world.

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