Ten leading EU big data companies have been identified, showcasing a diverse range of services and solutions. SAP, based in Germany, is the frontrunner, offering business software and enterprise applications. France’s Atos SE, a digital transformation specialist, ranks second. Third place goes to the Dutch company RELX Group, a provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers.

The UK’s Sage Group, a global supplier of business management software, is fourth, followed by Germany’s Software AG, a digital transformation enabler, in fifth place. Italy’s Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, a leader in software and digital services, holds the sixth spot. The seventh and eighth places are held by the UK’s Micro Focus, a digital transformation solutions provider, and Dassault Systèmes of France, a 3D design software company, respectively.

In ninth place is Germany’s Datev, a software service provider and IT consultancy for tax consultants, auditors, and lawyers. Rounding off the top ten is Spain’s Indra Sistemas, a global consulting and technology company. This list reflects the dynamic and varied nature of the EU’s big data landscape.

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