Workplace engagement is not synonymous with happiness. It’s a complex concept involving emotional investment and commitment to the job. Engaged employees are absorbed by their work, dedicated, and willing to go the extra mile. They are not just happy but also passionate about what they do.

The Gallup Q12, a 12-question survey, is a widely-used tool to measure employee engagement. It focuses on basic needs, management support, team dynamics, and growth opportunities. The results often reveal that engagement is more about how employees feel about their managers, colleagues, and the company culture than about their personal happiness.

The American workforce has a low engagement level, with only 31.5% of employees feeling engaged. Companies are advised to focus on improving engagement rather than just making employees happy. This can be achieved by creating a supportive work environment, fostering good relationships between managers and employees, and providing opportunities for growth and development.

While happiness is important, it’s not the only factor that drives productivity. A happy employee isn’t necessarily an engaged one. Therefore, businesses should aim to create a work environment that encourages not just happiness but also engagement.

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