Kate Unsworth, CEO of Kovert Designs, advocates for regular digital detoxes to boost productivity and creativity. Kovert’s Altruis collection, a range of jewellery that connects to your smartphone, allows you to filter out unnecessary digital noise. The designs enable you to choose which notifications you receive, helping to prevent constant smartphone checking. Unsworth herself disconnects from technology for a few hours each day and also takes a week-long digital detox annually. She believes that these breaks from technology help to reset the mind, improve concentration, and increase creativity.

Unsworth’s advocacy for mindfulness and digital detoxes is based on her own experiences and observations. She noticed that her most creative thoughts came when she was disconnected from technology. She also found that her attention span increased when she wasn’t constantly checking her phone. In response to these findings, she developed the Altruis collection to help others experience the benefits of disconnecting.

Unsworth’s approach to digital detoxes is realistic and manageable. Rather than advocating for complete disconnection, she encourages people to take small, regular breaks from technology. This approach allows for balance, ensuring that technology remains a tool rather than a distraction.

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