Unfollowing someone on Instagram can be a personal decision, driven by various reasons. Often, it’s not about the individual, but about the content they post. Uninteresting or irrelevant content, excessive posting, or too many selfies can lead to an unfollow. Additionally, a shift in the platform’s purpose has been observed. It has morphed from a place for personal photo sharing to a platform for showcasing professional photography, leading to a change in user behaviour and expectations.

In some cases, people unfollow due to the overwhelming influx of content, which can make Instagram feel like a chore. To combat this, users are becoming more selective, choosing to follow only those accounts that bring joy or value. This selective approach ensures a more enjoyable, personalised experience.

Unfollowing someone doesn’t imply hatred or dislike. It’s more about curating a feed that aligns with personal interests and preferences. In fact, it can be a liberating act that helps maintain a healthy relationship with social media. It’s not a personal attack, but rather a necessary step towards creating a more meaningful and enjoyable Instagram experience.

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