Radian6, a social media monitoring tool, may not be suitable for all businesses. Its high cost, complex user interface, and lack of customer service are key concerns. Radian6’s pricing model, based on volume of mentions rather than users, can become expensive for businesses monitoring popular brands. The tool’s interface is not user-friendly, requiring significant training and experience to use effectively. This complexity also extends to setting up searches, with a lack of clarity around Boolean operators. Radian6’s customer service has been criticised for not being helpful or responsive. There are also issues with data accuracy and completeness, with the tool often missing key conversations. Radian6’s data is also not real-time, with a delay of up to two hours, which can be crucial in a crisis situation. Lastly, the tool does not offer sentiment analysis, an increasingly important feature for businesses. Therefore, companies should consider these factors before choosing Radian6 as their social media monitoring tool.

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