The WordPress support forum thread discusses a specific issue with the New User Approve plugin. The original poster explains that upon a new user registration, the user is sent an email to set their password. However, the link provided in the email does not work, leading to a ‘Password Reset’ page instead of a ‘Set Password’ page.

Several users echo this issue, with one noting that even manually changing the URL to ‘Set Password’ still results in the same issue. Another user suggests a potential solution, recommending the use of the ‘Theme My Login’ plugin, which appears to resolve the problem.

The thread also contains a response from the plugin developer, who acknowledges the issue and states that it is due to changes in the WordPress core. The developer promises to address the issue in the next update of the plugin, but no specific timeline is given.

The discussion concludes with further comments from users expressing frustration over the ongoing issue and the lack of a fix. Some users even consider switching to different plugins due to the unresolved problem.

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