IBM is reinventing its operations to function more like a start-up, focusing on agility and innovation. This shift is part of a broader trend of large corporations adopting start-up methodologies to stay competitive. IBM’s approach, known as IBM Design Thinking, emphasises empathy for users, rapid prototyping, and constant iteration.

The company has invested heavily in this new direction, creating a dedicated design studio and hiring over a thousand designers. The goal is to ensure that every project has a designer involved from the beginning, ensuring that user needs are considered at every stage.

The results have been promising, with projects moving faster and more efficiently. By adopting a start-up mentality, IBM has been able to foster a culture of innovation and creativity. The success of this approach has led to its adoption across the company, demonstrating the potential for large corporations to benefit from start-up thinking.

IBM’s experience highlights the importance of agility and user-centred design in today’s competitive business landscape. It also underscores the potential for large, established companies to reinvent themselves and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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