Future workplaces will be shaped by three key forces: demographic shifts, technological advances, and globalisation. These factors will result in three types of organisational models: the ‘Orange World’, ‘Green World’, and ‘Blue World’.

The ‘Orange World’ is characterised by small, agile project-based teams, where companies break down into collaborations of specialists. Employees, largely freelancers, prioritise flexibility and challenging work over job security.

In the ‘Green World’, companies are driven by social responsibility, with an emphasis on ethical practices and sustainability. Employees are valued for their skills and contribution to society, not just their commercial value.

The ‘Blue World’ sees large corporate organisations continue to grow, driven by the pursuit of profit and efficiency. Technological advances enable a high degree of surveillance and performance measurement of employees.

The report suggests that the future will likely be a combination of these three worlds. It emphasises the need for organisations to prepare for these changes, particularly in terms of talent management, reward systems, and leadership development. The report also highlights the importance of understanding the implications of these shifts for business strategy and operations.

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