Mark Kitto, a British businessman who spent 16 years in China, has decided to leave the country and take his family back to the UK. Despite developing a successful publishing business and learning fluent Mandarin, Kitto feels disillusioned with China’s political and social climate. He states that foreigners will never be accepted as Chinese, regardless of their language skills or business success.

Kitto also criticises the Chinese government’s control over the economy, arguing that it stifles individual initiative and creativity. The government’s focus on stability and control, he says, leads to a lack of freedom and a disregard for individual rights. He adds that corruption is widespread, with officials often abusing their power for personal gain.

Kitto’s decision to leave China is also influenced by concerns about pollution and the quality of education. He believes that the Chinese education system does not encourage independent thinking, which he sees as crucial for his children’s future. He concludes that while China has made significant economic progress, it is still a long way from becoming a developed country.

Despite his criticisms, Kitto expresses a deep affection for China and its people. He hopes that the country will eventually change for the better, but he no longer wishes to be part of that process.

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