Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business

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Lee is speaking today (Thursday) at Social Media in Utilities in London, and Cerys is speaking tomorrow (Friday) at Social Connections 8 in Boston. Come say hi if you are around.

We launched our new ESN Diagnostics offering and a mini blog series sharing what we have learned over the years about user adoption strategies and tactics for social collaboration platforms.



Hear from an ex-googler what it means to be a full-stack employee.

Get insights from the startup that introduced new techniques and tripled its revenue, inspired by Holacracy.

Self-organisation is a worthy goal, but here is why it is so hard to achieve in organisations.



Led by Credit Suisse NEXT Investors, banks are supporting a startup, which will disrupt their own business.

Get the download of why IBM’s Watson represents the future of human-computer interactions.

3 questions that can help you predict the future of your business.



The digital workplace is complex. Org culture is complex. How can one shape the other?

The end of information asymmetries will lead easier trade & higher productivity.

Searching for new models for collaboration tools to create fluid interactions.



User Adoption Strategy for Tenaris.