Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business

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Real FinTech innovation will be more than just an add-on to FinServ firms.

Using internal expertise to drive digital identity in knowledge-intensive firms.



How transparency is radically changing the insurance industry.

The Memo on high failure rates in the tech world and why this is an indication of innovation.

Why large firms struggle to cope with disruptive forces.



Steve Denning’s verdict on the state of the holacracy experiment at Zappos.

Great post and deck from Clay Jones on why organisations are broken.

The unlikely success of Patagonia coupling environmental philanthropy with double digit growth.



Why would a digital bank have branches? CheBanca! case study.

Australian FinServ players have managed to defend their market position against FinTech startups better than their US or UK counterparts.

Why a marriage between the customer base of a traditional bank and the nimble, low-cost approach of a FinTech startup could rapidly come to dominate SME lending.

Social Experience Design: one method, two tools, three tips, the lecture (2011).



Mary Meeker, partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, has just published her eagerly awaited annual report on the state of the internet and digital trends.