Robots. AI. The jobs of the future. This week’s curator Christine Overby looks at the frontier of human and machine co-working.

The Robots are coming.

@christine What’s your big win for the week? This is the first question that I hear every Thursday morning. It doesn’t come from any of my co-workers. It comes from standup-bot, our friendly digital task-master that we built using Slack’s Howdy. We use the bot to collect weekly status reports on product development and billable work. It saves us time when compared to traditional update meetings. Yet while we use it for algorithmic management (of the admin kind), I’d never think of it as my algorithmic manager. Maybe that’s just me. The UK Chairman of EY recently told the Financial Times that graduate recruitment of auditors and accountants could fall by as much as 50% by 2020 due to the impact of artificial intelligence. And The World Economic Forum just published a report that predicted robots will take 5 million existing jobs. It also predicted that they will create 2 million new ones. Clearly, the future of work isn’t binary. Robots will create technological unemployment. But also consider the transformation. Technology helps us unbundle the activities that make up our jobs. Senior people can delegate tasks previously only tackled by experts. Junior professionals get to do more satisfying, less mind-numbing work. As both futures play out in parallel, the most helpful advice that we can give is to look at your connectedness to machine intelligence as a new super-power. How can you use the robots to accelerate decision making, rethink job descriptions, and ultimately, unlock a broader spectrum of capacity in your company?

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