Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business

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Last chance to join our workshop, co-hosted by Abhay Adhikari on Employee-driven Digital Identity.

We are hosting Masterclass at the E2.0 Summit Paris on adoption techniques to revive internal social platforms.



Xiaomi’s (which just raised $1.1 billion) unconventional business model, its ambition to be a global market leader and challenges with entering the West.

Practical insights to Zappos’ transition to Holacracy and why it might not be the answer.

How working out loud looks when a whole department is doing it.



With Linkedin launching app for coworkers and Facebook piloting FB at work it might be time for enterprise social networks to step up their game.

Employee experience, like customer experience, will be the differentiator in social business technology, argues Bertrand Dupperin.

3D printing might be overhyped in general, but applied in health it can save lives.



The CLEAR framework for goal setting resets performance measures to objectives that matter in today’s volatility business environment.

HBR’s view on the capabilities organisations need to innovate.

Why your digital strategy probably won’t succeed.



Social Networking tools: a bubble in the making? (2003)