Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business.



Becoming an institution that organises around individuals – this is a movement we see gathering momentum.

The Great Transformation by Richard Straub is the lead article opening this week’s Drucker Forum.



Moving from skunk works to continuous innovation to create a whole-company innovation culture.

Peter Thiel on monopoly, technology and politics. One of the videos worth watching from the Web Summit last week.

An in-depth piece on Larry Page’s new mission to achieve big moonshot ideas.



How the founders of 37signals are pushing for new rules in business.

An overview of Virgin’s strategic trial-and-error process since 1968.

FT’s list of 25 Silicon Valley companies to watch.



Social Software doesn’t really matter if you do not also address underlying process issues (2010).

Bonus link: Abhay Adhikari, who is co-hosting our Digital Identity workshop, has shared a handy reading list on social media, learning and a responsive future focus.