Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business.



Interesting video of Dave Snowden’s talk at SOTN 2014 that summarises much of his recent thinking on the topic.

Another video, this time from Aaron Dignan of Undercurrent talking about evolutionary dynamics in companies and innovation.

Good blog post from NESTA’s Geoff Mulgan about Cybernetics: “the ability to think and act systemically is the greatest intellectual and practical challenge of this century”.



If you have not yet read the book, this long talk is a good introduction to Frederic Laloux’s work on self-managed (teal) organisations.

Interesting piece from Slate asking why are so many of the world’s oldest companies in Japan?.

Could the key to change be to mobilise middle management? Interesting perspective from Behnam Tabrizi on the HBR blog.



All slides from HR Tech Europe – highlights include: Scaling small smart moves for outsized results by Mark Turrell & Simply Irresistible Organisations by Josh Bersin.

The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources AND Management’s Hands by Luis Suarez.

Earlier this month, over 150 researchers, thinkers, and practitioners of cutting-edge HR convened at Google to discuss changing nature of work (video).



Beyond Adoption of E2.0 tools – keynote from the 2010 E2.0 Summit.