Why is there so little innovation in the way we organise work inside companies?

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Building 21st Century Business


What would tomorrow’s firms look like if they were built from the ground up as natively social, digital organisations?

Postshift is an independent company builder that develops profitable, resilient businesses based on digital culture, social principles and emergent technologies – we call this building 21st Century Business.

The Foundry is our dedicated company building unit, where we design, incubate and scale digital startups. We also work with corporate clients to experiment, discover the ‘startup way’ and develop new digital offerings outside the constraints of their core business.


Bureaucratic management structures struggle with the dynamics of modern markets.

Customer empowerment, social technologies and the changing culture of work make new organisational forms a must – but inertia, silos and skills gaps prevent much-needed corporate change.

Our Consultancy helps companies evolve their structure, technology, culture and practice to become more competitive and agile, while our Learning services deliver the knowledge required to navigate the 21st Century business landscape.

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