Digital Transformation Requires Better Ways of Working

Social technology is making it easier than ever to break out of the
‘one size fits all’ approach to organisational structure

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Measuring and Managing Digital Transformation

How can we use the power of social data and human feedback to
improve the organisational structures and practices around us?

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ESN Diagnostics

A new service aimed at giving companies a useful and insightful health check of their social platforms and suggestions for accelerating adoption

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Data-driven apps and tools

A new wave of data-driven apps can improve situational awareness for everyone

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We help organisations become 21st Century businesses by unlocking the organisational innovation enabled by social and digital technologies.

For startups, this means scaling with no loss of magic and without creating inefficient corporate hierarchies where they are not needed.

For established companies, this means reduced overheads, increased agility, greater responsiveness to change and learning to operate more like a fast-moving startup.

As pioneers in using social technology to improve organisational performance for over a decade, we have helped hundreds of clients gain real benefits from new ways of working.


Our Quantified Org methodology provides a framework for goal-setting and measuring the impact of social technology adoption, organisational change and new ways of working.

We believe Digital Transformation should be organised around the capabilities the organisation needs to develop, rather than short-term adoption metrics or long-term hopes and dreams. This provides a way to measure success that is business-relevant and easily understood; we do this using a combination of real-time data and feedback from the workforce.

Whatever your use case for using new technology for business transformation, we can help construct organisational health measures that give everybody a real-time picture of the impact of that work. The days of top-down change programmes are numbered – this approach allows all levels of the organisation to be involved in gradual, agile transformation.



Integrating social tech strategy and news ways of working with business goals


Whatever support your team needs to succeed with Digital Transformation


Helping all levels of the firm understand their role in Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation platforms and real-time data apps for management


Growing new capabilities through inside-out and outside-in innovation


Digital Transformation Programmes

Find out how we can help put together distributed, agile Digital Transformation programmes

ESN Diagnostics Service

Find out how we can help you accelerate user adoption and business value proof points for your internal platform

Quick-Start Workshop

Not sure where to begin with digital transformation? Try our engaging one-day workshop in your office to stimulate ideas


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Linklog 44: changing the workplace, digital transformation and org change

Want receive our linklog in your email? Please sign up here   FROM THE POST*SHIFT TEAM Join us for a discussion on how we can get social/digital change agents into leadership positions and why that matters.   CHANGING THE WORKPLACE Data and software helping your boss to manage your time. What makes a customer-centric culture. More and more companies are getting rid of the performance review. Do emotions and attitudes drive performance in the workplace?   DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION The digital vortex – the move of industries towards maximum digitisation. Why digital disruption is a big deal, and how to bring digital into your company’s DNA. Digital transformation in the US versus the UK.   ORG CHANGE The only sustainable way to grow is to grow from your strengths. Kanban versus Scrum versus Agile. The traps of exponential growth. Building intrapreneurship to drive innovation.... read more

Linklog 43: digital transformation, organisations & social media

Want receive our linklog in your email? Please sign up here   DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Why 90% of organisations may not survive digital disruption. The digital ecosystem paradox and how to drive better digital design outcomes. Five areas where digitisation can make internal change efforts more effective and enduring.   ORGANISATION Background on Sociocracy, a precursor to Holacracy and the latest definition of Sociocracy 3.0 How networks are changing the traditional management and forms of corporate organisation. The future of organisation and how we should experiment with new models of human organisation.   SOCIAL MEDIA Interview with AXA’s CMO on the company’s use of social media. Measures of frequency of social media use. The New York Times built a Slack bot to help decide which stories to post to social media.... read more

Linklog #42: changing the workplace, org development and the influence of technology

FROM THE POST*SHIFT TEAM How to run (better) agile digital transformation programmes.   CHANGING THE WORKPLACE How to create employee networks. Interview with John Stepper: why Working Out Loud makes work better for the individual & the firm. The implementation of Holacracy in the office of the Chief Information Officer of Washington state.   ORG DEVELOPMENT Break up or shake up – companies need a thoughtful and proactive strategy to survive. How the changes in organisational structures will affect HR. How Holacracy compares with typical flat organisations and more conventional structures.   THE INFLUENCE OF TECHNOLOGY The power of DevOps in digital transformation. The age of the robot worker – the jobs that are least vulnerable to automation tend to be held by women. Tech’s enduring great-man... read more

How to Run an Agile Digital Transformation Programme

Digital Transformation is not simply the addition of new technology to existing business and operating models. It goes deeper than that, with implications for all aspects of how we organise the value chain, including the internal structure of the organisation itself. But the question of how to manage and measure Digital Transformation is still something many are struggling with. This posts details our approach to establishing a Digital Transformation programme, and you can find more details of our service here. As Russell Davies recently observed, just adding online engagement to a broken service can actually be worse than no social engagement at all, because it creates false expectations. Better to fix the service itself. Whilst the first wave of Digital Transformation began with online social engagement to fill gaps left by old-fashioned process-dominated operating models, the next wave is about deeper change to improve the services and products themselves and how the organisation is set up to deliver them, as recent research from Altimeter highlights. Analyst Ray Wang warns that this deeper, more thorough approach to Digital Transformation is fast becoming a case of “Digital Darwinism” – i.e. do or die. In the old world, Digital Transformation would be a change programme, run from the centre with its own budget and KPIs, and various actions would be cascaded down across the organisation in the hope that some of it sticks. Perhaps there would even be an element of consultation, and even an attempt to analyse and understand the needs of “users” in the business. But that was before we were all connected to each other, and before our networks produced real-time data that can give us a better picture of the organisation.... read more

We’re looking for bright individuals

What we are looking for We are seeking entrepreneurial and enthusiastic self-starters to join our team per September 1 2015, who is interested in spending at least 3 months with our team. The perfect intern will be high-energy and intellectually curious, with an interest in digital transformation, organisational development and use of social data. The intern will have two main focus areas: supporting the social media marketing of the company and assisting the product manager for a specific project. Their day-to-day tasks will vary, but include: communication with various stakeholders, strategic planning for the project, maintaining social media activities, growth hacking, curating and writing content.   What we can offer You will be joining a growing team of curious, smart and ambitious people, who are passionate about taking digital transformation to the next level and truly change the way organisations operate. Titles and seniority have little meaning within our walls and we believe that everyone has valuable input to offer, which we want to unlock. The internship is targeted to graduates or students, who want to gain experience in the world of professional services and organisational change. Moreover, interns will be exposed to novel and interdisciplinary approaches to organisational design, social technology and digital transformation. During your internship you will develop a solid understanding of: digital ways of working online communities emergent approaches to organisational development modern management practices organisational challenges in digital transformation We pay a stipend for expenses. Who we are Postshift is a digital transformation services & product company that helps organisations become 21st Century businesses by unlocking the potential of social and digital technologies. For startups, this means scaling... read more

Linklog #41: leadership, org structure and digital business

FROM THE POST*SHIFT TEAM Our plan to cultivate future leaders of digital transformation.   LEADERSHIP Companies are dying earlier – what leaders can do about it. Characteristics of performance-enabling leaders. How Google builds great bosses.   ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE New takes on the consulting business model. Business model innovation is not the same as change management. Complexity in systems, organisations and the workplace. Agile may not always scale, but agility does.   DIGITAL BUSINESS What does digital really mean? How finance can meet business needs in the digital age. The need for storytelling in the digital... read more

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