Overcoming Barriers to Digital Transformation

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with recommendations and strategies for overcoming common barriers

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Digital Technology and Platforms

Learn about how we work with organisations to develop their own internal platforms
and support a new wave of data-driven apps for connected working

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Digital Business Transformation

Learn how we help organisations design and implement Digital Transformation
programmes and mobilise digital networks of excellence

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Design and Implement New Ways of Working

Learn about the new ways of working that are made possible
by new technology and more connected organisational structures

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We are pioneers of technology-enabled organisational change, with a wealth of experience bridging the gap between technology and “the business” in complex organisations.

Digital transformation is not just about new business models, products, services and the capabilities needed to support them it is also about new ways of engaging employees and customers to create more value.

Our Quantified Organisation methodology offers a highly targeted approach to digital strategy and transformation, with the rigour of real-time data to track progress.


Bureaucratic, top-down companies are struggling to keep pace with leaner, more agile competitors. We need to reinvent the way we organise work.

Digital technology gives us all kinds of new superpowers – from smart platforms to analytics and augmented human/machine intelligence – that can revolutionise the way we organise work.

Digital transformation is about developing the organisational capabilities we need to support these superpowers, which is not something that can be achieved by a single function – it involves the whole organisation.


Digital Technology Adoption

  • Social tech adoption / integration
  • Digital strategy mapping / tracking
  • Platform design and development

Business Transformation

  • Org design. modelling and planning
  • Support for Digital teams / networks
  • Agile transformation programmes

New Ways of Working

  • Culture change / new team behaviours
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Learning & inspiration content


Quick-Start Workshops

Trying to build a business case? Try our one-day story-building, business case or transformation goals workshops to get a head start

Research & Data Diagnostics

Learn more about how our ESN data diagnostics service can help uncover insights from existing systems, and also our custom research services

Keynotes & Animation Sessions

A useful first step is often an internal keynote talk or group-based animation session to inform, inspire and entertain


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