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Digital Transformation Requires Better Ways of Working

Social technology is making it easier than ever to break out of the
‘one size fits all’ approach to organisational structure

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Measuring and Managing Digital Transformation

How can we use the power of social data and human feedback to
improve the organisational structures and practices around us?

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ESN Diagnostics

A new service aimed at giving companies a useful and insightful health check of their social platforms and suggestions for accelerating adoption

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Data-driven apps and tools

A new wave of data-driven apps can improve situational awareness for everyone

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We help organisations become 21st Century businesses by unlocking the organisational innovation enabled by social and digital technologies.

For startups, this means scaling with no loss of magic and without creating inefficient corporate hierarchies where they are not needed.

For established companies, this means reduced overheads, increased agility, greater responsiveness to change and learning to operate more like a fast-moving startup.

As pioneers in using social technology to improve organisational performance for over a decade, we have helped hundreds of clients gain real benefits from new ways of working.


Our Quantified Org methodology provides a framework for goal-setting and measuring the impact of social technology adoption, organisational change and new ways of working.

We believe Digital Transformation should be organised around the capabilities the organisation needs to develop, rather than short-term adoption metrics or long-term hopes and dreams. This provides a way to measure success that is business-relevant and easily understood; we do this using a combination of real-time data and feedback from the workforce.

Whatever your use case for using new technology for business transformation, we can help construct organisational health measures that give everybody a real-time picture of the impact of that work. The days of top-down change programmes are numbered – this approach allows all levels of the organisation to be involved in gradual, agile transformation.



Integrating social tech strategy and news ways of working with business goals


Whatever support your team needs to succeed with Digital Transformation


Helping all levels of the firm understand their role in Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation platforms and real-time data apps for management


Growing new capabilities through inside-out and outside-in innovation


Digital Transformation Programmes

Find out how we can help put together distributed, agile Digital Transformation programmes

ESN Diagnostics Service

Find out how we can help you accelerate user adoption and business value proof points for your internal platform

Quick-Start Workshop

Not sure where to begin with digital transformation? Try our engaging one-day workshop in your office to stimulate ideas


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