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Our latest research report on how digitalisation requires companies to create new approaches to strategy design and development.

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Barriers to Digital Transformation

Our research report based on in-depth interviews with Digital and HR executives,
with recommendations and strategies for overcoming common barriers

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Align digital strategy to develop new business capabilities


Mobilise digital leaders and involve the whole firm in change


A digital hub for the skills and attributes the future firm needs

Typical Business Challenges

  • Legal and professional services firms looking to respond to disruption and create the future firm.
  • Industrial firms seeking to combine traditional strengths with digital to create a more connected company.
  • Financial services firms who are trying to innovate faster and improve customer experience through digital.
  • Technology firms trying to create smart, data-driven, networked organisations to support connected products and services.

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Typical Activities


Quick-Start Workshops

Trying to build a business case? Try our one-day story-building, business case or transformation goals workshops to get a head start

Research & Data Diagnostics

Learn more about how our ESN data diagnostics service can help uncover insights from existing systems, and also our custom research services

Keynotes & Animation Sessions

A useful first step is often an internal keynote talk or group-based animation session to inform, inspire and entertain


#IWD2018: Women cannot #pushforprogress alone

At Post*Shift, we are all passionate about the fight for gender equality, and we like to use International Women’s Day each year to shine a light on the issues, reflect on progress and - in true P*S style - share practical ways in which we can all try to influence...

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Fostering the conditions for innovation

Social, collaborative innovation, powered by the wisdom of the workforce is like a golden goose - it can produce great value, but only if the conditions are just right. You need the right workforce, motivated and aligned in just the right way.   Innovation...

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The Cadence of Accountability

One of the first changes a team notices when making the move from traditional ways of working to something more agile and flexible, is how often the words accountable, responsible and ownership crop up in team discussions. Often used interchangeably, they soon become...

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Agility over agile

In software development, over the past decade or more, agile principles have sometimes been overtaken by strict adherence to agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, estimations, standups, etc) at the expense of flexibility and - ironically - agility. Some challenges in IT...

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