Old Mutual 

Talent Development Programme for a leading South African finance group

In the world of banking, insurance and finance, it often seems easier to create new startups than to thoroughly digitally transform old established firms. But this leading South African group are fully committed to digital transformation and to bringing on a new generation of younger, diverse leaders to meet the challenges of a fast-growing and changing market that covers everything from wealth management to services for unbanked low-wage workers.

We were asked to help design a substantial multi-tier leadership learning programme by a leading corporate education group, Emeritus, and the initial programme was a great success, not least thanks to the amazing spirit and commitment of the half dozen cohorts of leaders who brought it to life. In addition to the design role, two of our team also contributed modules on agile strategy and the collaborative enterprise, so we had a chance to get to know the learners well.

Combining live remote learning sessions with online workshop tools and take-away models made the best use of our learners’ precious time, whilst leaving behind practical models and methods that they could use in their daily work.

The programme was designed using online collaboration with faculty all over the world, leading to the development of a rich knowledge resource that we have continued to refine over the two subsequent years that this programme has been run.


  • Research interviews with senior execs
  • Programme design
  • Academic Direction on topic outline
  • Faculty coordination and collaboration
  • Virtual learning delivery and support
  • Office hours and coaching
  • Programme evaluation and re-design


  • 6 modules x 3 levels
  • 6-7 cohorts per year x 3 years
  • 16 faculty per year collaborating globally
  • Great results and feedback
  • Strong evidence of learners implementing what they learn

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