Connected products and services require a connected company.

Navigating change needs greater agility, adaptability & autonomy.

We help accelerate digital capability development at every level.

We help organisations accelerate the development of strategic digital business capabilities, such as:

> People, talent and hybrid work structures

> Digitisation, automation and new ways of working

> Digital leadership and change movements

> Digital transformation, platforms & business models

We typically work with…

Senior leadership teams on leading change in the digital age and setting digital capability targets

CIOs and technical leaders to accelerate digital adoption and develop digital workplace platforms

L&D and talent teams to spread the skills and competencies needed in the hybrid world of work

Transformation teams to help grow digital movements and accelerate distributed change

Team leads & function heads to address the challenges of building a more agile, adaptive organisation.

Example Projects

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Cracking the Code: Systems, Not Processes in Operations

Cracking the Code: Systems, Not Processes in Operations

A couple of years ago, in a fast-growing convenience retail company, I took on a new responsibility - operations. As a newly-appointed Operations Director, I was overwhelmed with the details of how individual processes work, urgent high-risk escalations, and expert...

Continuous Improvement: The big juggle

Continuous Improvement: The big juggle

A common fallacy in team working is the assumption that productivity and continuous improvement are strongly correlated, meaning that when one improves so does the other. In fact, we need to juggle both at the same time, and that means paying attention to the subtle...

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Learning, More than One Way

Cerys explores different learning strategies that can enhance the effectiveness of your personal learning system. It is great that employees are increasingly being encouraged to shape their own learning and career development. But for those employees suddenly finding...

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Lee considers the debate around AGI, AI as a platform and the immense potential of modular operations + AI to improve the way we build and manage organisations Making Brains vs Connecting Brains My co-founder Livio and I used to share an apartment in London in the...

Organisational Radical Candor FTW

Organisational Radical Candor FTW

Cerys explores missed opportunities for radical, two-way discussions L&D are avoiding in their quest for simple, KPI-friendly projects. It is both a cliché and a truism that change is hard and that it never ends. And whilst trying to make employees feel safe,...

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