Towards an Agile Organisation

An effective social collaboration strategy and vision for new ways of working

Adoption and measurement framework for E2.0

How we helped advise one of the biggest ESN adoption projects in Europe

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Executive Learning and Content Development

How we helped create a compelling vision for organisational transformation

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Robert Bosch GmbH is a highly successful €50bn company with a strong internal culture, but recognises that powerful market dynamics are affecting its business and markets.

Post*Shift has worked with this Bosch at a senior level in recent years to understand these dynamics and how they impact the company’s organisation. Initiatives have included:

  • Creating a ‘big picture’ vision for a new organisational design to bring greater agility and flexibility, as well as allowing the growth of new organisational capabilities; and,
  • Creating business unit-level E2.0 initiatives aligned to existing business strategies at the use case, process and strategic levels.


We have worked with senior executives and internal change agents to create a vision of organisational transformation that suits the history and culture of this firm, but with the aim of creating new capabilities that can make the organisation more agile.

This has involved research papers, briefings, keynote talks, executive workshops and helping develop measurement and maturity models, with a strong focus on building on the capabilities of the firm’s strong social collaboration platform to encourage new ways of working across silos and departments.

As a result of this project, various pilots are now running to experiment with new ways of organising and working.


A key part of our work has been to align E2.0 adoption strategy with overall business strategy for key business units, to demonstrate how existing goals can be achieved with new ways of working.

This begins by understanding the strategic context, including goals, initiatives and major challenges, supplemented by stakeholder interviews to surface pain points and barriers. Then we develop a pipeline of recommendations to address strategic goals, enhance key processes and address individual use cases within a short- to long-term strategic framework.

The framework and pipeline database are now being actively used in these business units to prioritise and progress the use of social business principles and tools as part of their wider strategy.

Practical value, not just theory

Organisational models

Adapting and tweaking existing theories and models to identify elements that can work within a specific well-established culture

Embedded Strategies

Detailed, practical E2.0 strategies for business units derived from their existing strategic plans and goals

Planning tool

Delivering our recommendations in a pipeline database tool meant that business units could continually re-prioritise for implementation

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