CIB Egypt

Digital Transformation & Agility in Banking for Egypt’s leading private-sector bank

Like other leading private sector banks, CIB wants to accelerate its transformation for tomorrow, even though it continues to thrive and grow today. The bank had already made good progress in its digital transformation of both back-end transactional systems and front-end customer experience, and was keen to accelerate change internally, led by an impressive management group. 

Working with Emeritus Corporate Education, we designed and delivered a programme of 8 x 90 minute sessions for two leadership cohorts, plus a “director’s cut” looking at the same topics from above for the Executive Board.



The leaders involved in this programme covered all internal functions from technology and data through to audit and legal, as well as customer-facing functions. It was a thrill to work with such energetic and engaged learners, and to build on their existing knowledge to synthesise a whole firm approach to distributed digital transformation and a future roadmap.

The sessions were highly interactive, and followed a learning journey that went all the way from strategy to change roadmaps, via technology, change and employee engagement.


  • Learning content design
  • Virtual learning delivery
  • Office hours and coaching


    • Excellent feedback
    • Multiple cohorts engaged
    • Shared practical methods to advance their digital transformation

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