Etisalat / e&

Leadership Development and Leadership Values for a leading Middle East telecoms group

Working with our partners Emeritus, we designed and developed a curriculum for leaders at the group level focused on enterprise thinking and 360 degree collaboration, which was delivered to both directors and senior leaders.

We also ran a series of sessions on putting leadership and collaboration values into practice for one of the group’s principal operating companies.

Etisalat was in the process of shifting to a new connected architecture combining telecoms, finance and wider content and services under a new brand identity e&. So this was a great time to work with e& leaders to apply platform and ecosystem thinking to this change process, and we repeated the programme a year later.

It is such a fascinating time for telecoms, having been the early driver of internet and technology adoption, but now needing to resist commoditisation as ‘pipe providers’. This incredible group is already ahead of the curve, looking at ways to climb the value stack and use their natural customer advantages to move into adjacent high-value areas.

So it was a great learning experience for us to hear more about their strategic thinking and fluidity, whilst strengthening their ability to deepen the kinds of real-time and asynchronous collaboration needed to truly connect the collective intelligence of the group and its operating companies to succeed in fast-changing markets.


  • Learning content design
  • Virtual learning delivery
  • Online-line simulation facilitation
  • Office hours coaching sessions


  • Great connection between learning and emerging strategic direction
  • Very engaged and thoughtful muti-function cohorts
  • Practical application of digital transformation concepts to a local BU

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