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Enterprise Social Strategy

From ESN adoption to new ways of working


After successfully rolling out one of the most sophisticated enterprise social network (ESN) implementations in its field, this global professional services firm required an external assessment of its enterprise social strategy, some innovative ideas for moving beyond organic, communications-led adoption techniques, and more consistent alignment with the firm’s overall business objectives.

Leveraging our leading experience in ESNs and digital business change, together with our track record in the the professional services market, we started the engagement by examining the firm’s rapidly-changing ecosystem dynamics, alongside the new market opportunities and organisational risks these create, to ensure that the resulting enterprise social strategy could quickly adapt to the reality of fast-moving business environments.



Instead of using traditional change techniques, which were likely to quickly outlive their utility, our work focussed on identifying the new organisational attributes required to realise the underlying business value emerging from the new ways of working enabled by this mature ESN platform.

This allowed us to collaboratively develop a detailed, practical, actionable strategy of continued relevance to the firm’s structure, culture and practice areas, aligned to the firm’s digital capabilities and most likely future needs.

To test this highly innovative approach, we developed a series of original, use case-based mini-pilots designed to iteratively move the firm’s business teams towards achieving these new organisational attributes, which could be run internally with a minimum of additional planning effort.


Throughout the engagement, we ensured the transferability of our frameworks and agile approach to key stakeholder groups, enabling the strategy to be owned and adapted internally long after the end of our involvement. This project’s key activities included:

  • User-centred discovery focussing on identified pain points, organisational risks and new opportunities;
  • Creation of a new capabilities framework at the organisational, departmental and team levels;
  • Creation of an aligned, agile measurement approach for internal capabilities;
  • Implementation ‘icebox’ of small changes for teams to own and execute against;
  • Agile change management approach to underpin the overall strategy.


Measurable business outcomes

Enterprise social evolution

We helped to define the strategic roadmap for next-stage enterprise social, going way beyond platform adoption

Agile, collaborative project delivery

Our innovative approach enabled our client to set a clear strategic direction for enterprise social, which could be owned in-house

A wider innovation perspective

Our project enabled a durable enterprise social approach, enabling our client to thrive in the ‘new normal’ of constantly-changing market conditions

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