Data-Driven Approach to Digital Workplace Adoption

How can a large knowledge-intensive firm use internal data to test hypotheses about the best use cases for the adoption of internal social tools?

After successfully rolling out one of the most sophisticated enterprise social network (ESN) implementations in its field, this global professional services firm required an external assessment of its enterprise social strategy, innovative ideas for adoption and better alignment with the firm’s overall business objectives.

We began by examining the firm’s rapidly-changing ecosystem dynamics, with the opportunities and risks these bring, to ensure the enterprise social strategy could be adaptive to changing priorities.

In contrast to traditional ‘change management’, our work focussed on identifying the new organisational attributes required to realise underlying business value emerging from the new ways of working. We developed a series of use case-driven mini-pilots to develop these attributes, and worked with the internal data team to test them by querying their enterprise system’s anonymised user data. This delivered important insights into how work actually gets done and where value is produced across the firm. 

We worked closely with the client team to ensure the transferability of our methodology and approach to help them take this forward internally.


  • User-centred discovery focused on pain points, risks & opportunities;
  • Capability framework at the org, departmental & team levels
  • Aligned, agile measurement approach for internal capabilities
  • Implementation ‘icebox’ of small changes for teams to own
  • Agile change management approach to underpin the strategy


  • Re-usable model for assessing adoption use cases
  • Capability framework for measuring business value
  • Simple agile methodology for prioritising new change actions
  • Knowledge transfer to the internal team

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