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Team Animation Sessions

New thinking about the future of law firms through interactive team sessions


This mid-sized London-based law firm asked for our support in mobilising an internal Task Force created to investigate and assess new trends and thinking for the future of the law firm, in order to develop a blueprint for transformation aligned to strategic objectives.

We developed a series of highly engaging ‘animation sessions’, designed as interactive workshops that introduced the team to cutting-edge thinking on key topics related to the changing role of people, technology, new organisational structures and emerging business models, in order to stimulate and expand ideas, and to support in preparing the ground for change.


The programme of sessions was designed to lead the team through a range of topics that, when combined, make up all the key facets to consider when developing the picture of a Future Firm.

Each animation session was constructed to first expose the team to industry-leading thought leadership, research and relevant case study examples for the topic at hand, and then guide them through a series of interactive exercises that used practical frameworks and techniques to produce tangible, high-quality outputs that could be used by the team back inside the firm to garner wider support for their ideas.


The initial programme of animation sessions was instrumental in guiding the activities of the Task Force, enabling new ideas and ways of working to be disseminated across the firm.

In order to further socialise the project’s outputs and learnings, a condensed version of the sessions has also been designed for very senior stakeholders, helping to generate further support for the transformation programme that the Task Force is designing.


A team primed and ready…

Stimulating new thinking

By stepping outside the normal day-to-day, the team could receive new ideas with open minds and truly consider the art of the possible

Balancing vision with pragmatism

Our process guided the team from innovation thinking to practical outputs that could be credibly shared with senior partners

A re-energised change team

The programme fostered team engagement and collaboration, leaving them enthusiastic and motivated for the journey ahead

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