Business Support Unit Innovation

How can business support functions in a high-performance law firm become more innovative and connected to support the firm of the future?

This award-winning London-based law firm asked for our support to investigate the future of the law firm, and what this might mean for business support functions.

We developed a series of ‘animation sessions’ for a task force of business support managers and ‘heads of’, combining interactive workshops and new ways of working relating to people, technology, organisational structures and business models, to stimulate new thinking and prepare the ground for change.

Each session was designed to expose the team to new thinking, research and case studies related to the topics, and to guide them through a series of interactive exercises using practical frameworks and techniques to produce tangible outputs they could share more widely within the firm.

In order to further socialise the project’s outputs and learnings, a condensed version of the sessions and results was run for directors, helping to generate further support for the transformation programme that the Task Force designed.


  • Digital Workplace development
  • Technology adoption & culture change
  • Leadership development & learning
  • Platforms & startup ecosystems
  • Incubation and innovation
  • Connected digital strategy


  • Need to become more agile
  • Silos and divisions holding you back
  • Speed up innovation in IoT
  • Involve the workforce in new tech
  • New technology-based services
  • Preparing for a world of data & AI

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