‘Step Up’ Programme for a Leading Global Technology Company

An imaginative. practical leadership programme for emerging leaders

How can we encourage our leaders to be bold in their ambition for the future? With the role of leadership encompassing some many key skills how can we support a new generation of leaders in identifying their role in the future of leadership and being brave enough to pursue it.

This Global Technology Company recognises the importance of growing talent from within and has therefore invested in the Step Up program to encourage new leaders to think big, be bold and step outside of their comfort zone. It is fantastic to work within the Step Up project team and see the ambition of so many new leaders across the European region of the Global Techology Company and their drive to achieve.

Each cohort works through an extensive 18 month program, incorporating workshops, coaching and self-directed learning. The overwhelming success of the program in our first few cohorts has resulted in us embarking on a 6th cohort in 2022. With nomination rates exceeding places time and time again.


  • Supported nomination process
  • Learning content development
  • Personal journal to support them through the program
  • Workshop sessions
  • Participant coaching
  • Monthly lunch and learn sessions across all cohorts
  • In-between event learning support
  • Annual Step Up conference
  • Alumni activity


  • 90% success rate against our main KPI of participants stepping up during their time on the programme
  • A focus on the future leads to critical conversations on topics such as sustainability, diversity and climate change.
  • Step Up brings together leaders of the future and encourages innovation
  • The program actively supports participants who embark on parental leave during their time on Step Up
  • High engagement learning sessions delivered to participants
  • Professional approach combining in-classroom and virtual learning opportunities
  • Opportunity to interact across cohorts for enhanced experience
  • Community space for building networks and sharing experience

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